Palestinians flee Rafah as Israel prepares to invade

By May 10, 2024

Gaza (MNN) — Israeli forces have assembled on the outskirts of Rafah, trading fire with Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups. This move comes despite U.S. warnings that it won’t supply weapons to ally Israel if the latter launches a full-scale invasion.

Israel says, for its own security, it needs to eliminate the Hamas stronghold in Rafah, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have also sought refuge.

Uncharted Ministries Tom Doyle says, “Israel wants to finish this and get the remaining Hamas leaders that are in Rafah, but this is going to be a horrible thing for the Palestinians. We need to pray for them, too.”

Rafah’s population exploded when the war began several months ago, growing from 250,000 to 1.4 million as Palestinians fled south from other parts of Gaza. Today, thousands of households are on the move again as Israeli troops prepare for a forthcoming invasion.

Palestinians packed up their tent settlements in Rafah earlier this week when Israel closed the main crossing for aid trucks entering Gaza from Egypt.

Scores of Hamas militants could also be relocating, hidden among the crowds leaving Rafah.

“It’s absolutely impossible to extract Hamas from innocent civilians. They’re all over,” Doyle notes.

It’s unclear whether Israel will launch an all-out invasion of Rafah as international efforts continue for a ceasefire, but no matter what happens next, the situation needs your prayers. Ask the Lord to protect and provide for His followers in Gaza.

“Let’s say that the war ends today. Nobody knows what tomorrow looks like,” Doyle says. “Who’s going to control it (Gaza)? Will there be another Palestinian government? [Will] some nations come together to help keep it from going over to the radicals?”

Along with prayer, consider helping Christians in Gaza through Uncharted Ministries.

“Prayer is the most important thing, but if you want to help support [people], we’re able to get funds in without Hamas taking them, and [together we can] help the people that need it so much in Gaza,” Doyle says.




Header image depicts Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip. (Wikimedia Commons)

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