Palestinians reach a deal in principle.

By February 9, 2007

Middle East (MNN) — Peace talks in Mecca have put a new face on hope.  Palestinians have agreed to a hard-wrought joint government.  The release of the pressure could be felt throughout the Middle East as celebratory gunfire filled the air. 

Leaders of both Fatah and Hamas signed the accord at a ceremony hosted by Saudi King Abdullah. The agreement says the government would "respect" the peace accords and would be
based on a document that calls for a Palestinian state in the West Bank
and Gaza. 

According to published sources, with the formation of the new government, Hamas will propose an independent candidate for interior minister.  That person would control the Palestinian security
forces.  The Fatah's leader would then approve the candidate. Though tensions were high, the rivals managed a check-and-balance system they could agree on.

SAT-7's David Harder says the tensions made it all the more important their team continues to
broadcast the hope of Christ.  "We know that in times like this, not only
in Gaza, but in
places where things are so difficult, people stay home and they watch TV. 
It's fortunate that we're able to provide broadcasts in the heart language that
can encourage people who are living in such difficult and uncertain

However, their voice was silenced for a little while. At the end of January, the SAT-7 Arabic channel faced technical problems with its signal on the Hot Bird
8 transponder. It began as picture interference, but within a few hours, the
signal was gone completely, as was the signal of the other TV channels sharing
our transponder – Abu Dhabi, Syria, Yemen, Al-Zahra, Al-Baghdadia,
Telepace, etc.

A sign of things to come? 
Not according to Harder.  He passes off the interruption as a
fluke. "The owner of the satellite was never able to actually determine if
it was being done intentionally or accidentally.  Certainly, it could be
accidentally, somebody trying to upload something, maybe even illegally. 
It is a concern, it's very difficult to jam a satellite, but it is
possible.  So, certainly we want to pray that the broadcasts would be able
to reach into places very easily." 

While everything is back to normal, incidents like this
prompt Harder to ask for prayer.  Praise the Lord for the success of the talks, for the aversion of civil war.  Pray too for peace to settle in the region, for the safety of SAT-7's staff, and for the message
of the hope of Christ to be shared throughout the region.  Click here if you want to help. 

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