Pandemic provides alternative options for Jesus Film Project

By May 29, 2020

International (MNN) — The pandemic means Jesus Film Project may not be holding any mission trips until 2021. More about that here. Nonetheless, Great Commission work continues.

Find the latest update below as described here on Jesus Film Project’s website:


The “JESUS” film was shown on television in 111 countries over the Easter season. Since January 1, millions of people have viewed “JESUS” on TV in multiple cities, towns, and even remote villages on at least four continents. From April 1 through Orthodox Easter (Sunday, April 18), more than 163 million have watched the film.

(Photo courtesy of Jesus Film Project)

Thank God for the effective use of digital, mobile, and online follow-up from the tens of thousands who responded to the television broadcasts across the globe during Easter.

Prayer Requests

  1. A number of countries are continuing digital and television broadcasting campaigns which began at Easter. The COVID-19 pandemic has created new spiritual openness and expanded opportunities for film evangelism in places like India, Africa, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. Film workers are safely engaging with people through online tools like WhatsApp and WeChat, and these online conversations are seeing thousands put their faith in Christ for the first time. Pray for global revival.
  2. Go2020 is a month dedicated to mobilizing Christians worldwide to pray, share, and serve others. The hope and prayer is for everyone to reach out to five others this month in order to mobilize 100 million believers across the globe. Jesus Film Project® has a goal to see our tools used to put the gospel directly in front of 500,000 people who need to know the love and forgiveness Christ brings. Pray for Go2020 for both these God-sized goals and for your own personal role in sharing and serving at least five other people in May.
  3. Jesus Film Project language recordists are unable to travel this spring and early summer because of the coronavirus, so they are diligently working at home re-mixing 88 “JESUS” films. Once updated, these language versions can go online for immediate use reaching people through the Jesus Film App, our online platform, YouTube, and our digital evangelism partners. Pray for the quick re-mixing of these languages and for the broad circulation of them in countries and areas where they are spoken.

In addition, please pray for the following:

  • That the Lord will continue to give insight into ways to add new financial partners online and through other avenues, including postal mail. Pray for the testing of two new letters through postal mail. Pray also for more stories from the field that can help cast vision and stir hearts to invest in global film evangelism and church planting.
  • Pray for our ministry representatives who are reaching out to donors of the ministry by telephone. As people are staying at home, this is providing opportunities to connect. Pray for quality connections with these valued friends.
  • For our several hundred missionary staff who are raising personal financial support for their ongoing ministry and family needs. Some staff have critical needs. Pray they will see God provide in exciting ways. Click here to help a staff member.



Header image courtesy of Jesus Film Project.

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