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Published on 10 February, 2012

Paper valued in India

India(MNN) — While tracts in the United States are generally discarded quickly, not so in Asia.

Missionaries supported by Gospel for Asia never head out to share the love of Christ without Gospel literature in hand. They know the powerful impact a small tract containing God's message of salvation can have. They also hand out New Testaments and Bibles, knowing that many times, when someone begins reading the living, active words of God, peace will flood into that person's life. Some hear of Jesus' salvation for the first time as they read the tract or Gospel booklet. From just one piece of literature, hope can spring forth, and they can begin to grasp just how much they are loved by God and how much they matter to Him.

Because literature is so precious in the eyes of most South Asians, the majority of people who receive Gospel literature read it right on the spot.

GFA-supported missionaries write their contact information on the back of Gospel tracts prior to handing them out. After distributing Gospel literature, they sometimes receive calls from people who read the tracts and want to know more about Jesus. The Lord works through the missionaries as they answer questions and meet with those who have inquiring hearts, so the follow-up process is life-transforming,

When missionaries go out to distribute Gospel literature, they never know what they will encounter. Some people will receive the message with eager hearts, and others will respond in violent hostility. Missionaries often face verbal abuse, harassment, and even beatings for their diligence in distributing literature expressing God's salvation and love.

With the threat of opposition and ridicule always around the corner, missionaries need to constantly find their strength in Jesus Christ. They understand that the message they give is worthy of any persecution.

Missionaries use diverse opportunities, like medical clinics, train stations and festivals, to give out Gospel tracts, Bibles and booklets. At some events, Gospel literature can reach tens of thousands of hands in just a few hours.

One piece of Gospel literature can reach many people. How? The life-transforming message in one tract motivates recipients to give Gospel tracts to others.

If you'd like to support GFA pastors and missionaries in south Asia, click here.

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