Papua New Guinea (MNN) — Generator Provides Reliability

By February 8, 2007

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — A generator is now up and running making Bible translation easier in Papua New Guinea.  This rainy, tropical, volcanic island is the center of the largest concentration of Bible translation currently underway.

The mission center stationed in Ukarumpa had been using local hydroelectricity to fuel operations. However, that power supply is becoming less and less reliable. Translators faced unpredictable interruptions caused by power outages. Wycliffe Associates purchased a generator to serve as a back up to the local power grid.

"It just creates a whole new level of predictability, reliability, and peace of mind as they deal with just the normal activities of life," said Bruce Smith of Wycliff Associates.  "It also enables translation to keep moving forward and that's the bottom line."

Today, Bible translation relies on computers.  Disruptions in power supplies can damage
computers where translation is being done, as well as interrupt administrative tasks such as accounting.

"First it impacts productivity, secondly it impacts morale, and thirdly it creates this whole question about, well, how are we going to be able to proceed predictably," said Smith. "A back up generator was a perfect solution and we were able to step up and make that happen for them."

Providing access to Scripture to those who need it becomes more difficult as infrastructures become increasingly less advanced.  As translators continue their work this problem grows since easier accessed places have already been tackled. 

Simple things like generators can determine whether or not a people group has access to scriptire.  "We may not think about how those practical things can really impact the process of Bible translation, but it does," said Smith.

Wycliff has over 40 projects like this going all over the world and there are three ways Christians can assist.  Prayer for the mission work and families involved is needed, as well as financial support for reconstruction.  If you would like to be part of a work team that helps bible translation overseas visit or call 1-800-THE- WORD.

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