Parma rains continue to fall

By October 13, 2009

Philippines (MNN) — While residents of the Philippines were
still reeling from Tropical Storm Ketsana, Typhoon Parma hit as well, bringing
with it more floods and putting even more homes underwater. Almost a week later,
homes are still underwater, and many do not know where to begin with relief efforts.

And the rains continue to fall.

All Compassion International church partners in Northern Luzon were
affected, as well as 19 of their child development centers.

"Because of the prolonged rains of Typhoon Parma, most of
the families of our registered children can't go out to look for money or food,"
one of their church partners said. "Most of their sources of livelihood have
been destroyed, like grains and vegetables."

Another partner reports: "On the night of October 8, 2009,
strong rains poured so hard here in our place causing a huge landslide on the
top-most portion of the mountainside where the community is located. Mud and
water [flowed] downward, hitting the unsuspecting village, burying houses below
and making some houses in the upper portion collapse. Many of our registered children
and their families were affected seriously; some were killed, while others
were able to survive. Rescue operation is ongoing up to now."

There the death toll reached 50.

Throughout the Philippines, Parma claimed 240 lives and left
$100 million worth of damage.

Compassion's ministry seeks to set children free from
physical and spiritual poverty, and this is especially important during this time
of uncertainty.

One way they are doing this is by providing families with
emergency supplies of food and clean water for two weeks; this can be done for $30.
Consider helping a family with these basic needs. Click here to help.

Also, pray for the children, families and Compassion staff
affected in the area. Pray for God's mercy and comfort to be with them,
especially for those who lost their families and other loved ones. Pray for the
rains to stop.

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