Partner in Turkey continues to face threats

By July 24, 2007

(MNN) — In the aftermath of the April murders of three Christians in Turkey,
the government tried to stem the anti-Christian violence. But Partners
says the aggression hasn't lessened. 

Amidst electoral tensions, they report that one month ago, a
murder plot was uncovered against an evangelical pastor in a city in the
southeast, and the group that planned the plot are being detained.

The plot caused concern for those in Christian work. Tension
was heightened when, two weeks ago, an unknown gunman shot at the house of a
church planting partner, a man who helped Partners begin a church in a coastal
town. Although no one was hurt in the initial attack, someone returned and poisoned
the family dog.

Another report indicated a thwarted murder plot of Pastor
Wolfgang (pastoring the above mentioned
church) in this same area. The investigation into the alleged plot has
uncovered very little, but since the murders in Malatya [April 18], Wolfgang has had a

Yet, the threat has done little to stymie their vision. In
fact, Partners just held a short training course to help encourage the
church. The team taught participants
about the spiritual disciplines of intercession, meditation, fasting,
frugality, and confession.

Please pray continuously on behalf of the Christian workers.
Pray that they remain alert where
testimony must continue and the peace and salvation of Christ must prevail over


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