Partnership brings access to Scripture for China’s travellers

By November 1, 2007

China (MNN) — China continues to respond to tough
scrutiny on their religious and humanitarian rights record. 

World Bible Translation Center's  John Andersen says they're taking advantage of
the window.  "We are distributing
150,000 Easy-To-Read Bibles this year outside of China that will go into China.
Those Bibles are being given to tourists and travelers and Communist party
leaders who can afford to travel outside of China."

The Center works with a partner who mobilizes volunteers
for distributions in Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and Macau. The packets include tracts, a gospel portion,
one Jesus Film VCD and Bibles. All of these pieces are in Mandarin. Two of
them, the Blessing tract and the Four Spiritual Laws tract, are bi-lingual

There's a definite interest in the ‘seeds.' As tour groups are approached with the Good
News, between 40% to 50% of the members accept the Bible and evangelistic
literature that goes along with it.

Andersen says they've seen incredible evangelistic
growth in the seven years they've been partnering to get Bibles into China.
"The number of Christians in China have jumped from three-and-one-half to five percent. That's 30,000 Chinese
citizens becoming Christians every day. There's over 100-million Christians now
in China, and there'll be 200-million Christians by the middle of this century."

Pray for the hearts of those who receive the Word.

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