Partnership for revival comes to Brazil

By October 18, 2007

Brazil (MNN) — Evangelist Sammy Tippit was just in
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to partner in an exciting church-planting
undertaking. Tippit's ministry has had a
close relationship with churches in Rio de Janeiro for many years. 

Sammy Tippit spoke to leaders at a three-day
spiritual awakening conference held at Second Baptist Church of Rio de Janeiro, challenging them in "Desperate Praying."

From there, Tippit says, the possibilities are
exciting. "They have a brand new vision of wanting to plant five thousand
churches in the next 10 years in unreached areas. They asked me to join in
partnering with them in reaching these communities.  In addition, we held a conference on spiritual awakening with pastors." 

Pastor Fernando Brendao, the new Executive Director of the Mission Nacionais,
asked the team to consider preaching conferences on revival and conducting
evangelistic crusades throughout Brazil to enable a spiritual movement. 

However, many of the pastors are tired and in need
of encouragement. Tippit says that's the key to seeing their goal realized. "When the church is renewed, when the
church is awakened and revived, then it's going to be their vision. They're going to reach out to these unreached
people groups and unreached areas. There's going to be a lot more in-depth and longer-lasting fruit that
will come from that than if someone came in from the outside and did an
evangelistic meeting."


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