Partnership From Afar

By June 21, 2016

Russia (MNN) — Do you ever wish you could get directly involved in missions? Have you felt God calling you or your church to make a difference and be part of a totally unique movement that could reach out and change people’s lives?

SOAR International is providing a way to do that. “The sister church partnership is kind of a new idea but one we feel has a lot of positives,” says Greg Mangione of Soar International.

Mangione knows firsthand that many unique ministries are going right now all across Russia and Abkhazia, and he says many churches are asking for all the help they can get.

“The churches there.. have asked us to spread the word of their desire to find sister churches here in the US that they can build relationships with, communicate with, share needs and possibly financial help.”

Photo Courtesy SOAR International

(Photo courtesy of SOAR International)

Every church is involved in something totally unique, and some are delving into fields that haven’t been touched yet by any other organizations. They are involved in various ministries like working with the handicapped, transition homes for orphan graduates, and youth outreaches.

As the people of Russia and Abkhazia desperately search for hope, Mangione thinks this is an unprecedented time for us to step up and show the the love of Christ. 

“For many there’s a question of, ‘What’s the purpose of life? Why am I living?’ It’s hard to find jobs, there’s still a lot of pain and evidence from the atrocities of the war that have occurred there. So bringing the hope of the Gospel is very important, but we also want to try and address physical needs as well, and so the church is trying to minister to them spiritually and physically where they’re at.”


(Photo courtesy of SOAR International)

With such an overwhelming need, it’s not surprising that many believers are asking for financial support, prayer, and the possibility of a partnership with a sister church in the US.

“The believers over there, as here, we all need encouragement. We need the iron sharpening iron, we need the brothers to be able to share needs with, to share praises with, to counsel with,” says Mangione.

There are plenty of challenges that arise, financially and spiritually, and the churches would appreciate the help a sister church could provide.

“How to deal with various challenges or conflicts that might arise, to share needs that may be financial. We need to buy new windows for the church; you know the old wood-rimmed windows are rotting out. Or we’ve got a family in the church that is in real need of food or whatever else. [They want] to have a church they can communicate directly with…more of that direct relationship.”

We’ll connect you right here if you and your church are interested in partnering with one of the Russian churches.

If that’s not a possibility, you can still provide financial support, and as always, prayer is the most powerful tool you can use. Ask God how He wants to use you in missions, wherever you are and whatever you can do.

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