Partnerships ensure effectiveness for JESUS Film Project

By April 27, 2009

International (MNN) — After a long history of recognizing each other's presence without combining forces, ministries are beginning to emphasize the importance of partnering together.

Scott Pendleton of the JESUS Film Project says their ministry would be rather ineffective if it were not for some key partnerships with other ministries.

"Our desire is not only to have a person exposed to who Jesus is through watching the JESUS Film, but that that particular person would respond positively to Jesus and then begin to grow in his or her faith," says Pendleton.

The hope is for those who respond to get involved in a local church and for that church to grow and become self-sustaining. The JESUS Film Project, however, does not have the resources or expertise to do all this, and has therefore looked to other ministries for help.

"We demonstrate good stewardship when we work together because we can maximize each other's resources and use each other's gifts and abilities that have been given to us by the Holy Spirit," says Pendleton. And that is exactly what the ministry has been doing.

The JESUS Film Project works closely with dozens of partners on a variety of projects. Some partnerships include groups that specialize in planting churches, while others are compassion organizations that help provide for the needs of the church. Still others are needed to help translate the Gospel of Luke into different languages so a JESUS Film movie can be created for a certain people group. In partnering with different organizations, the JESUS Film Project can be sure to maximize its efforts for the Gospel, while maintaining the godly unity among believers suggested multiple times throughout the Scriptures.

"We need each other to lift up Jesus in a way that will really help people to understand who He is and grow in their faith and become a part of a multiplying church."

To learn more about the JESUS Film Project and the groups with whom they partner, click here.

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