Pastor begins new ministry after attack

By January 11, 2008

India (MNN) — Gospel for Asia reports that a persecuted native missionary in Madhya Pradesh has now begun a fruitful ministry.

Pastor Roshan was threatened by anti-Christian extremists in one village. Death threats were posed to him if he returned to share the Gospel again. 

Roshan did return–the next day. And he was attacked by the extremists with knives, rods, and other weapons. The attackers also stole his belongings and threw him out of the village

The GFA district leader and Roshan went to police to file a report. However, police informed them that there was nothing they could do. The district leader went to the extremists
later asking that they return Roshan's belongings. They refused unless Roshan agreed to never return to the village. With no options, Roshan agreed.

This incident did not stop Roshan's passion for sharing the Gospel. He now has a growing ministry in a neighboring village where he works with two established GFA missionaries. 

Roshan would like, someday, to be able to reach out to the extremists who persecuted him. 

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