Pastor cultivating ministry in Sudan

By September 2, 2008

Sudan (MNN) — Despite extremely
challenging conditions and years of civil war, ministry in Sudan is being
cultivated. For the last five years, E3
has worked with missionary David Kaya in Sudan.

His vision is to plant healthy
churches throughout Southern Sudan. Over the last few years, he's worked
alongside local believers and pastors to bring the Gospel into the rural
villages using the EvangeCube,
followed by discipleship.

But many new pastors
struggle. They preach, support their
families (Sudan churches rarely tithe), counsel and shepherd their flocks. As a result, they grow tired and need

That prompted the first Pastor's Conference in 2007. Kaya and his team hosted them, fed
them, encouraged them and reminded them to preach and teach
sound doctrine in their churches.

80 pastors attended the all-Sudanese-led Pastor's Conference in 2007. Word spread, and this
year drew more than 700 pastors from not only Sudan, but also Congo and
Northern Uganda. 

Kaya's passion for the pastors also has led him to establish a Bible School in Kajo Keji to train them, and he's hoping it
will become a full seminary. Pray that
God would help the team overcome the obstacles.

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