Pastor prays for effective way to reach jungle tribe, and God answers.

By July 31, 2006

Bolivia (MNN) — It’s a story of God creatively answering prayers to make ministry come full circle.

One year ago, Bolivian Pastor Hamer had a vision to present the Gospel to a primitive jungle tribe, but needed an effective way of doing that. Through a series of unconnected events, Pastor Hamer saw God’s hand working to answer his burdened prayers for these people.

A street drug addict pestered Pastor Hamer to buy something in a little cardboard box. When Pastor Hamer saw the cube-shaped object had pictures of Jesus, he decided to buy it. He didn’t know it was an EvangeCube, and he didn’t know how it worked. He put it on a shelf and forgot about it.

Months later, Pastor Hamer was caught in a flash flood and found himself walking through wait-deep water. Floating in the water was a paper that had the same pictures that were on the cube. It was a “Between You and Me” Gospel tract produced to be used alongside the EvangeCube. He began translating the tract into the jungle tribe’s language.

Recently, Pastor Hamer met Pastor Enzo, an e3 Partner Coordinator from Bolivia, and asked if he could help him establish a church plant. Pastor Enzo brought a team to train them in evangelism, which included training to use the EvangeCube.

Pastor Hamer was finally able to learn how to use the EvangeCube, and now, that Bolivian pastor has tools for effectively sharing the Gospel in the city or the jungle.

Praise God for His faithfulness and creativity, and pray for the ongoing outreach of Pastor Hamer and many others who are seeking to share the Gospel with those who don’t know Christ.

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