Pastoral care comes via technology in Japan.

By March 21, 2007

(MNN) —  Back to the Bible's Japan outreach
is creating a buzz in Christian circles. There are roughly 270-thousand active
believers in Japan
supporting the churches, pastors, seminaries, and Christian ministries.

BJapan, Back to the Bible's newest Bible-teaching media
outreach, aims to serve and strengthen the local church while proclaiming the
Gospel through every high-tech means available.

As such, they maintain a channel on Japan's
premiere satellite radio service that reaches the entire nation.
With a variety of Bible-teaching programs, they can get spiritual food to
pastors and believers in even the most remote rural areas.

The team also looks to actively recruit an indigenous
pastoral team to record Gospel programs for airing and to minister in person to
more than 800 pastor-less churches across the country.

Ministry can be very discouraging in a region that
seems to isolate many believers. It's not unusual to see only one
pastor laboring in his entire region. That's where BJapan's sponsorship
of preaching seminars gives weary local pastors fresh ideas and encouragement.  

Lastly, a website launch,,
offers content with the goal of drawing listeners deeper into God's Word.  iPod downloads and streaming audio
are also available at the site.

So far, reaction to this form of pastoral care has been
enthusiastic. Pray for the team's strength.  


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