Pastoral trainng takes place in the ‘brain of Islam’.

By February 28, 2007

(MNN) — E3 Partners' Tom Doyle says while Saudi
Arabia is the heart of Islam, Egypt
is the brains. 

Islamic clerics are trained in the country, so it only makes
sense to hold their own strategic training. 
"We were blessed to have about 140 pastors and leaders in Egypt
at a training where they learned how to share the Gospel in a new, creative way
with the Evangecube, and then, how to plant churches."

The EvangeCube is made up of eight blocks connected at
strategic points. Through a series of six maneuvers, seven panels are revealed
which illustrate God's plan for salvation through Jesus' death and
resurrection. The EvangeCube unfolds the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the answer to
life's greatest puzzle.

Outside of evangelism,
resourcing these new churches is another challenge, aside from weathering
harassment in a heavily Islamic region.  E3Partners
has an array of tools available to respond to this need. Evangecubes,
tracts, personal evangelism training materials, Pray Power prayer guides and an
array of tools for winning souls, making disciples, training leaders and
praying effectively. The EvangeCube also adds a personal touch to the Gospel
presentation.  "These young pastors
went out and started to share the Gospel, and about 90 to100 people came to Christ
in the villages.  As a result of that,
seven new churches are going to be started."   

There is danger involved with ministry in this region.  Please pray for safety for new believers and
evangelists. "They're going to have pressure to stay where they are. When
they start to worship, it doesn't take too long before word gets out. So the
biggest matter at hand is safety for these believers, because we all know that
to leave Islam there is someone that's going to want to kill them."

If you want more information on Evangecubes, or even
sponsoring resources for these new churches, click here.

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