Pastors needed for Muslim outreach in the U.S.

By October 4, 2010

USA (MNN) — In the aftermath of threats to burn the Quran, anger about the mosque at Ground Zero in the U.S., and continued terrorist threats, Christians are even more compelled to help Muslims learn about Jesus. Churches are trying new approaches to reach out to the Muslim community. Unfortunately, some of their efforts have failed.

The Crescent Project wants to help. The ministry is hosting their Oasis Conference National Convention October 21-23, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Crescent Project Founder and President Fouad Masri has a message for pastors and missions pastors. "There is a role for us that is deeper than building a building or burning a book. The situation today is that Muslims live in American and have never met an authentic Christian. They've never seen a page of the New Testament."

Masri says that needs to change, and Oasis can help. Their programs are "designed to help church members to reach out in love to their Muslim neighbors — cross the street, and welcome them and talk to them about Jesus."

Masri says there is some common ground with Islam. "Jesus, according to Muslims, is a prophet. Well, great! We're talking about someone we both respect. The Quran says the Injeel was sent by God. Well, great! The Injeel is the New Testament. This is our Book. So, we're focused on building bridges with Muslims."

Masri continues, "God trusts us as pastors and mission pastors to be the shepherds of the flock. We need to lead our people to something deeper than just headlines. We need to lead them to building friendships with Muslims."

Masri says one family contacted him after last year's convention telling him about their new relationship with a Muslim family across the street. They invited the family over for Thanksgiving dinner. And that new friendship continues to grow. "The [Muslim] family is now reading the New Testament and attending church. Why? Because they were attracted by the love of Jesus through a meal at a Christian home."

The Oasis Conference isn't a Crescent Project promotional event. It features speakers from various organizations who are working in the Muslim culture. Masri says it features five main sessions, breakout sessions, a visit to a local mosque, and opportunities for you to ask questions from experts in outreach to Muslims.

Masri says more Muslims have turned to Christ in the last 10 years than in the previous 1,400 years. Why? He says, "The number one reason? They met an authentic Christian. Number two reason? They read the Bible in their language. Number three reason? They saw a dream or a vision of Jesus. So, God is on the move."

Crescent Project is giving a special conference rate for pastors, mission pastors, and other mission leaders. Simply e-mail [email protected] and tell him of your interest, and he'll make that discount available to you.

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