Pastors released, but persecution lingers

By December 11, 2008

China (MNN) — After nearly two years in prison, Pastor Wang Weiliang was released, according to a recent Voice of the Martyrs report.

Pastor Weiliang was arrested and imprisoned in 2006 along with seven other pastors after their church bulldozed by Chinese public officials. While in prison, the pastors were forced to make clothes and shoes and were unable to express their faith, even through prayer. Thankfully, Pastor Weiliang is now on "medical" release and is recovering in a local hospital.

Only a few days later, Chinese pastor Zhu Baoguo was also released for "medical reasons." Pastor Baoguo was accused of being a cult leader and thus sentenced to work at a labor camp. Other church leaders were forced into labor camps as well, but Pastor Baoguo stay lasted significantly longer than the rest.

Although the two releases bring much cause for celebration, there is still obvious disdain for Christians in China. Pray that the Gospel would be spread in ways that only God could do. Pray for the protection and health of the pastors who were recently released. Pray also that the Lord would open the eyes and hearts of many Chinese officials through their encounters with God's people.

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