Pastors trained to reach a key audience

By June 7, 2013

Latin America (MNN) — Youth pastors across Latin America will be funneling into Colombia this summer.


David Shibley with Global Advance explains, “There are thousands of youth pastors…coming together to be trained and to help point their young people toward the evangelization not only of their own nations, but sending out Latin American young people to the ends of the earth.”

As Global Advance trains youth pastors, they know young people are important players in the Great Commission. “Idealism reaches its peak, many people say, around age 19. That’s why the mission movement over the last 200 years has been carried largely by young people,” says Shibley.

There’s a great need for young witnesses of the Good News in a self-obsessed culture. According to Shibley, “I would say that a lot of times in North America we are self-serving and ministering only to the needs of young people–which admittedly are huge, but if we don’t give them a purpose beyond themselves and their own lives…we’re really violating the heart of the Gospel.”

“What I see different in Latin America is that they are really pointing young people toward the harvest around them, reaching their peers and reaching out even to all the world with the Gospel,” says Shibley. “I’m not saying there aren’t those who do that here in North America. There are many who do it, and do it well. But it seems to be a real primary focus in Latin America, and to me that’s very exciting.”

Global Advance training initiatives aren’t limited to Latin America this summer. They’ll be running 10 training events in 9 different countries despite the relaxing tendency of the summer months.

“I think one of the saddest verses in all the Bible is Jeremiah 8:20 where the prophet laments that the summer is past and the harvest is passed and we are not saved. So we feel there is an urgency, and that’s why we’re involved in many training events this summer,” says Shibley, “because the Great Commission has not been rescinded and there are opportunities that are before us now that will not be there even in the fall months.”

Pray for those training with Global Advance. As these trainees go out in evangelism, pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare many hearts for receiving the Good News of Christ.

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