Peace in Lebanon fills leadership vacuum

By June 4, 2008

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanon's
political factions have reached a power-sharing agreement that includes new
faces and a president. 

Even though the agreement is not
very old, there's already been new militant violence in the city. In spite of that, politicians in Beirut
resumed talks on the formation of a new government under the deal that ended the
political impasse.

The agreement gives the parliamentary
majority more than half of the seats in the new cabinet, under Prime
Minister-designate Fouad Siniora. The toughest
challenge now is the formation of a new cabinet, which includes members of the
Hezbollah-led opposition.

With the tensions abating
somewhat, hope and relief filled the void of despair. At the announcement of the accord, SAT-7's
David Harder says celebrations spilled into the streets. 

The violence, ongoing clashes,
demonstrations and road closures weighed heavily on the ministry. Unrest had prevented some SAT-7 staff members
from flying in and out of Beirut and slowed the production of some TV

The jubilation is
contagious. However, Harder cautions: "There's still the reality that some of the underlying causes are
still there and haven't been resolved. We do need to continue to pray. Pray that those would be resolved for
the sake of the churches in Lebanon, for the sake of God's kingdom there, for
the sake of SAT-7 staff who continue to work there and are making incredible

SAT-7 has a team of around 20
full-time Lebanese personnel, plus free-lancers, who live and work in
Beirut. When the fighting intensified
over the last 18 months, these team members asked for Christians around the
world to pray for them and their country.

Harder says their staff believes
prayer made a difference. Their team
worked under the prayer covering to see that ministry continued. "Fortunately, when times are difficult,
we're able to bring in Christians who talk about the effects of living in that
kind of zone and putting their faith and trust and hope in the Lord Jesus
Christ. So while there's peace right now, people do realize that they need
to continue to pray."

Continue to pray for Lebanon, and pray that this peace agreement will be a lasting one.

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