Peace in Sudan could mean more problems for the country.

By December 11, 2003

Sudan (MNN) — It’s something that hasn’t been discussed. It’s a situation that could have an incredible impact on the future of Sudan. The issue is a massive refugee repatriation.

Government and rebel leaders are trying to hammer out a peace deal before the end of the month. While evangelical leaders are hopeful for peace, EFCA International Mission Compassion Ministries Jim Snyder says refugee repatriation could be a huge. He says, “There’s been virtually no preparation in the event that refugees might return. We’re talking 500,000 to 600,000 refugees plus in excess of up to 2-million internally displaced persons in southern Sudan.” Snyder says with the lack of food, medicine and housing this could be a human catastrophe.

Even though the situation could have long ranging implications for Sudan, Snyder says the situation will present spiritual opportunities.

“For the evangelical church this is an open door that has never been available before. We’re hoping that through the demonstration of compassion that we’ll be able to open up people’s hearts and give them an opportunity then to come to the realization of what our faith is all about.”

Snyder says it’s too eary to mount a huge fundraising effort for aid because the peace accord is far from complete. Pray that the peace process moves ahead and that many Sudanese eventually turn to Christ.

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