Peace opens avenues for ministry to expand evangelistic effort

By December 26, 2007

Congo (MNN) — The areas in Congo where Grace Ministries International works have seen relative peace the past few years. 

In other areas there have been problems, but this calm in certain areas has freed them up for extended evangelistic ministry. Sam Vinton says, "Grace Ministries' International Board has sort of set a three-year goal now for us to have sufficient funding that we're really going to have a big thrust in outreach evangelism in our areas."

The funding will provide resources such as books and new technology. Small tape recorders that have the entire Bible recorded on them have already been ordered for national churches and missionaries to use. In each area of its ministry, GMI's main goal is evangelism.

Getting resources plays a key role in increasing evangelism, but Sam Vinton says there is work that needs to be done to utilize that equipment. "The training part now is going to be how to use some of this equipment and just encourage them to go into the villages and get our church
members to get a sense of the urgency of evangelism."

The outward thrust of many churches diminishes as they continue to grow and develop. "That happens to churches," said Vinton. "We need to have a renewal type of thrust, and that's what we really are going to be doing the next three years, Lord willing."

While there is satanic opposition, according to Vinton, he also said they are thankful that they "certainly are not being hampered by governments and other religions."

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