Peace talks in Sudan pave the way for ministry growth.

By December 9, 2003

Sudan (MNN)–Sudan’s southern rebels continued a historic visit to the capital Khartoum, a day after Washington said it was turning up the heat on the sides to end Africa’s longest running civil war before the end of the month.

It’s a major step towards an accord that may stop the frequent bombing of the Christians in the South. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung just returned from his visit to the capital, greatly encouraged about the potential facing the radio ministry there. “So, at least in Khartoum, I think at the moment, things are pretty easy. There has been a cessation of violence between the Khartoum government and the soldiers in the south, as these peace negotiations have gotten very serious, and a lot of people are cautiously hopeful that they will ultimately lead to a real treaty.”

Even more exciting is the possibility for more work in the area. DeYoung says the Khartoum government may soon be increasing the free air-time devoted to evangelical content. They currently give the Christians one-hour on both radio and television stations that are government-owned. That too, could soon change for the better.

DeYoung says they were in the area to help train the nationals because the question of readiness came up. “So, if that happens, how can quality programming, that would be interesting to people and worthy of the Gospel, be put on the air quickly? That is another part of what we were helping with some training and anticipating that this looks possible enough, that we’re beginning to help them gear up.”

Words of Hope’s mission: “to proclaim Jesus Christ by radio and literature in the languages of the world’s peoples, seeking with our partners in ministry to win the uncommitted everywhere to faith in Christ and to encourage Christians in the life of discipleship.”

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