Pending humanitarian crisis facing war-torn Sri Lanka.

By November 16, 2006

Sri Lanka (MNN)–Sri Lanka’s escalating violence could be compounded by an economic crisis if the war continues. That’s showing up as a budget deficit as the government strains spending in its battle of Tamil separatists.

In the meantime, the European Union warns that renewed fighting between the Tamil Tigers and the government is likely to threaten future peace talks.

Because of the skirmishes, the EU is asking the Sri Lankan government and the rebels to guarantee humanitarian aid deliveries into conflict zones.

The Bible League’s David Moore says people are desperate for hope. That’s reflected in the corresponding ministry growth over the last 12 months. “Last October, we had 369 people complete Bible studies. This October, we had 1,020. Last October, we didn’t have anyone for baptism, at all. This October, we had eight people. People making professions of faith in Jesus Christ: last October, we had 61, and this October, 273.”

Compass Direct reports that Christians are openly calling for help from the international community following a rapid deterioration of law and order in the past week.

The plea follows an attack on Wednesday, Nov. 8, by the Sri Lankan armed forces on refugees sheltered at a school in Kathiraveli, a coastal town in the eastern district of Batticaloa.

Moore says because of the difficult conditions their team faces, the Bible League is working hard to keep them encouraged. “From this end, we’re encouraging them with anything they need: funds to do ministry, motorbikes to get around. Most of all, we’re trying to give them the prayer they need. Our director writes and calls quite often and says, ‘we need prayer.'”

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