Persecuted and imprisoned pastors suffer around the world

By July 27, 2009

International (MNN) — Everyday Christians are thrown in
jail for boldly preaching the gospel.

A large number of them are pastors in persecuted lands who
can no longer support their families from behind bars. According to
WorldServe, while these pastors are imprisoned, they worry more about the
well-being of their families than their difficulties in prison. Many times
these pastors leave their families with no income.

That's where WorldServe has stepped in to help. Since freedom
for these pastors is sometimes years down the road, WorldServe focuses on their
families by providing them with food, housing and even travel expenses if they
must go underground.

When WorldServe and their partners minister to these
families, they exercise 3 John 5: "You are faithful in what you are doing for
the brothers, even though they are strangers to you."

Pray for these families and pastors as they endure separation
from their loved ones. Pray that God will comfort them in these times and that they will
still be encouraged to complete the task they have been called to do.

You can help WorldServe minister to these families and
during this trial. The funds you provide will encourage the Gospel to be preached
with greater boldness and help care for the families of pastors while they are in prison.

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