Persecuted church may be able to resonate with new Jesus film

By March 15, 2011

International (MNN) — Most every Christian has likely seen a film about the life of Christ at some point. The story is always relevant, and it can be helpful to put a visual to the words of the Bible.

In a new animated film however, Voice of the Martyrs is coming at the Jesus story from a slightly different angle.

"This telling of the story really kind of brings out the persecution aspect, that you know Christ died on a cross; He was persecuted. And His followers also were persecuted. So it tells the story of Christ–very Scriptural–and yet kind of with a little bit more of a look from the persecuted church angle than what you see in other Jesus stories," explains Todd Nettleton.

The 90-minute film, "Jesus: He Lived Among Us," is the life of Christ as told by the last living disciple, John, who himself suffered a great deal of persecution.

The film may be just an interesting retelling of the story for some, but for others, it could be a significant tool. Nettleton says even though the film is animated, it will surely appeal to all age– especially people within the persecuted church.

Those who have been persecuted firsthand for their belief in Christ may find this film a blessing in two ways. "I think it will be an incredible inspiration. It will also be an incredible tool for them to share the Gospel," says Nettleton.

VOM is working to make this tool as helpful as possible by focusing on dubbing the film in the 12 most-common languages from the most restricted areas in the world. Once the film is finished, it will be available for free for anyone who would like to use it. VOM hopes to partner with other ministries who will help distribute the film to others on the mission field.

The film is not yet completed, even in English, and will hopefully be done sometime this summer. Nettleton projects the 12 language dubbings should be ready by the end of the year.

You can learn more about partnering with VOM to distribute the film, watch a trailer, or track the film's progress at

Pray for the final stages of this film's production. Pray that the Lord would bless the hands that work on it, that many might come to know Him through it.


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