Persecution for his faith

By January 2, 2014
(Photo courtesy Open Doors USA)

(Photo courtesy Open Doors USA)

Central Asia (ODM) Open Doors USA is requesting prayers for a believer, we’ll call Djanibek. He is a Muslim Background Believer from Kyrgyzstan and became a Christian believer about 15 tears ago. Since then he has suffered intense persecution for his faith.

Recently, he was beaten by radical Muslims outside of his village. He did not appeal to the police because he believes they know about his faith and would not start a criminal case against those who beat him.

Please pray for recovery for Djanibek. Pray his faith would be even stronger.

Prayers are also needed for a woman we’ll call Adilya. She is a believer who attends a secret church in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is ranked number 15 on the Open Doors World Watch List of the worst persecutors of Christians.

She was recently sentenced to a fine after she was arrested during a church service with other members.

Adilya is a teacher at a public school in her village. The director of the school wants to fire her after finding out about the arrest and fine.

Please pray for her situation. Pray she won’t be fired and will be able to pay the fine.

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  • Your Name says:

    Lord Jesus Wat U Did To Paul When He Was Being Persecuted U Can Do To This People Being Persecuted Today. Strengen Them By Ur Name And Relieve Out Of That Situation. Amen

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