Persecution of Christians grows in Saudi Arabia.

By August 29, 2005

Saudi Arabia (MNN)–Following the death of King Fahd, there were hopes that believers would be able to move more freely.

But, that hope has been dashed. Assist News reports that Christians are facing ever-increasing persecution in Saudi Arabia.

Under the new king, King Abdullah, the religious police have been more active, raiding the homes of foreigners, especially those where Christians live.

In fact, India’s government warned its citizens not to bring Bibles or icons to Saudi Arabia, nor should they meet in private to pray. According to Indo-Asia News, the tensions were escalating with the arrests of nine Indians. They were taken into custody for participating in illegal religious activity.

Saudi Arabia is second on Open Doors’ ‘World Watch’ list of countries where believers face persecution for their faith. So, it’s no surprise that open evangelical work is nearly impossible.

Missionary work and open displays of faith are banned, and it appears the religious police are taking the enforcement of that ban zealously.

Pray for Christians in the region.

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