Perseverance brings new life to Guatemala

By February 5, 2016

Guatemala (AMG) — Making a difference: it’s what can happen when you get involved. AMG International shares the following impact story:

(Photo courtesy AMG Interantional)

(Photo courtesy of AMG Int’l)

When Guadalupé’s pregnant sister told her she was afraid to raise the baby on her own, Guadalupé decided to step in and help her through the pregnancy. She named the baby boy José Armando after her father and brother.

Her sister struggled to raise little José and wanted to abandon him. Guadalupé intervened, began caring for José herself, and won custody of him. They have lived together for the past two years.

One day, José decided to attend the church service across the street from their house. He did not know at the time that this is a church that AMG partners with. From that first day he went to church, he kept going back and insisted that Guadalupé attend church with him. Guadalupé finally gave in and praises God that she has now given her life to Christ and is able to raise José with Christian values in their home.

Because of the generosity and faithful prayers of AMG ministry friends around the world, José is in the fifth grade now and attends an AMG school in Guatemala. Guadalupé participates in an AMG-sponsored sewing program which provides hope, restoration, and an income for single mothers called “Sew Hope.”

AMG has been sharing the love of Christ in Guatemala for over 35 years. They currently assist more than 8,000 children, their families and communities, through a network of 28 Christian schools and childcare centers, camp ministries, healthcare centers, vocational services, and agricultural development programs. Restoring people to the image of God with purpose and vocation is their ultimate objective.

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