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By December 5, 2014
What does it mean to sponsor a child in need? (Screenshot from

What does it mean to sponsor a child in need?
(Screenshot from

International (MNN)– On December first, Orphan’s Heart launched a new child sponsorship program in Uganda, Colombia, and Guatemala.

Erica Der of Orphan’s Heart says, “We are working to provide the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs for kids in developing countries around the world.”

This isn’t a new focus for Orphan’s Heart but merely an effort to better reach this goal.

With their new program you can select a child from one of these three countries and begin to provide them with new opportunities through your sponsorship of $35/month.

The full monthly amount goes to the child’s care to cover the basics of food, clothing, shelter, and education, medical care, etc. Orphan’s Heart, by partnering with local ministries involved in the community, is able to maintain contact with the children on a regular basis. In addition, sponsored children have a social worker making sure that their needs and the needs of their family are met.

Der continues, saying, “It covers a wide variety of needs, but we want to make sure that the child’s needs are covered in all areas and, of course, most importantly to us is that the child is nurtured spiritually and that they have the opportunity to come to a relationship with Jesus Christ. We ensure that the Gospel is presented to our children and that they have the chance to know Him as Savior, and that continues to be our #1 priority, as it should be.”

Why do children need sponsorship?

There really isn’t one right answer to this question. Der says, “Each child has a different story that comes to us, and so the needs of each child, of course, are different.”

She explains that many of the children come from families that love them very much but are incapable of taking care of all their needs. Others are orphans living with grandparents or distant relatives.

And some children don’t have anybody to care for them at all.

Der shares the story of Oliver, recently sponsored, whose parents were both dead by time she turned three. Oliver now lives with her elderly grandmother who has a hard time taking care of her. Oliver needed sponsorship because she was malnourished and didn’t have the option of going to school.

Orphan’s Heart is working in 11 different countries and will be adding more countries for sponsorship in 2015.

Why Orphan’s Heart?

Photo by Orphan's Heart

(Photo by Orphan’s Heart)

Der says people should consider partnering with Orphan’s Heart for child sponsorship for several reasons. While they commend many organizations that do child sponsorship, they believe they have something unique for the sponsors to consider.

First of all, the total amount of sponsorship money goes to the child. Secondly, sponsors can go on mission trips to their child’s country and possibly even meet their child. Thirdly, Orphan’s Heart seeks to run their organization transparently and at the highest level possible. By working closely with local partners, they are able to ensure that funds are being used properly and effectively.

Sponsors will also receive regular updates about what is happening in their child’s community.

Der says, “It’s a very personalized program so that the sponsor will realize that they’re an important part of the child’s life and that they’re making a difference in a child all the way around the world on a daily and monthly basis.”

For more information about child sponsorship, click here.

“We appreciate your investment and your consideration of God’s precious children around the world. We look forward to partnering with you in our child sponsorship program,” Der says.

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