Peru moves toward compromise over land laws

By June 17, 2009

Peru (MNN) — Peru's government
is moving toward reconciliation with the indigenous peoples after two months of
rioting and protest. The government wants to delay the implementation of two plans to open parts of the Peruvian
Amazon to foreign investment. 

According to government sources,
the state of emergency will be lifted in Bagua, where there is finally
peace after deadly clashes between
police officers and natives.

The conciliatory move may not be
enough. Activists are still planning a
massive anti-government march for June 24.

Dudenhofer with
Audio Scripture Ministries says their teams work with isolated people groups in the rain
forest. They haven't encountered any
trouble during the protests yet, but "if somebody thinks that they're
involved in some commercial activity, then there is the possibility that they
would be handed some difficulties. These are Christian Peruvians who have a
burden to reach their own people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "

For the most part, the team is
working so deep in the jungles that news of what has been happening in the cities
likely hasn't reached them. That means the
riots didn't stop them. "We are
simply enabling them to be able to go out and make these Scripture recordings.  They've just finished one. The Yaminahua
language has just been recorded. They are in the process of making their
initial contacts for the Chayahuita language."  

ASM launched recording studio last
year in the jungles of central Peru.  The studio will record and
distribute Scriptures in the languages of more than a dozen remote jungle
tribes that have been identified as having a need for Scriptures in audio

Dudenhofer asks you to
pray. "It would be good for people to pray that the political issues,
especially in Peru, would be separated from what these people are trying to do
in getting God's Word recorded."

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