Peru still badly needing aid; church responds

By September 10, 2007

(MNN) — A United Nations official says 200,000 quake survivors still
urgently need emergency help in Peru.

The U.N. goes on to say they need at least US$37 million
more in donations to sustain relief efforts. The magnitude-8 earthquake on Aug.
15 leveled most of Pisco, a port city 125 miles southeast of Lima, killing at least 519 people, injuring
1,366, and destroying 40,000 homes.

Global Advance's David Shibley says their Frontline
Shepherd's conference in Lima,
Peru was held a
couple of weeks prior to the massive earthquake. At that conference, Global Advance partnered
with New Life International to equip over 500 pastors and business leaders in Lima.  The host
church in Lima
is lead by Pastor Arturo Ramos. Pastor Arturo's church has over 7000 in attendance
and has planted over 200 churches throughout Peru
and South America. 

In the days following the disaster, word trickled in on the
devastating effects of the natural disaster and who among the conference
participants was affected. "One of the churches in one of the outlying
suburb areas was so severely damaged that they will have to implode the church
and start all over again, literally rebuilding the church. We're so grateful
that because of the generosity of Global Advance partners, we were able to send
a significant gift toward the rebuilding of that church."

Shibley says the conference timing was providential,
preparing the pastors for what was to come. "They have used this as an evangelistic imperative, shaken into the
reality that life could end at any moment. We must look Godward often. Our Peruvian brothers and sisters are taking
advantage of this tragic opportunity and sharing the Gospel."

Dr. Shibley and the team were able to encourage and
challenge each pastor and business person to use their gifts and influence to
help fulfill the Great Commission. Please continue to pray for these church leaders and their congregations
as they respond to the physical and spiritual needs in Peru.

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