Peruvian attacker apologizes, accepts Christ

By November 1, 2007

Peru (MNN) — As Bruce and Jan made their way carefully down the Andes mountains after a joy-filled JESUS Film showing, they had no idea that they were headed straight for a trap. 
Bruce and Jan are long-time missionaries for the JESUS Film Project.  

They approached a truck that seemed to have stalled, and before they knew it, they were surrounded by 45 heavily-armed terrorists, with guns thrust at them. The terrorists interrogated them and searched their belongings. They found their projection equipment and took it with the intention of showing revolutionary films. With the projection equipment a
loss, Bruce handed over the JESUS Film as well, praying that it would not go unwatched. He and Jan were not harmed.

When the couple returned to that region a a year later, one of their attackers found Bruce to tell him an incredible story. The man named Jose apologized for the attack a year earlier and revealed that they had planned to kill them. However, whenever
the topic came up something stopped them. 

They terrorists had brought the film back to camp where 700 people viewed the film. As they watched, they realized that Jesus was a true revolutionary, and many were so moved they
wanted lay down their weapons and quit right there. 

Best of all, Jose told Bruce he had become a Christian and apologized for the attack a year earlier. 

Today, Jose is a pastor and director of a large Bible school in Argentina. He also sends out
missionaries all over the world. 

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