PET helps disabled know Christ

By June 10, 2015

Zambia (GAiN) — [Editor’s Note: Sometimes we come across stories that have such a strong impact that we can’t add anything more to it.  What follows is one such story from Global Aid Network, a partnering ministry with Cru National.]

Unable to walk "Paul" was given a great gift that changed his life in more ways that one. (Photo courtesy of GAIN USA)

Unable to walk, “Paul” was given a great gift that changed his life in more ways that one. (Photo courtesy of GAIN USA)

Crawling along the side of the road, Paul was lucky he didn’t get hit by a truck–or the car driven by John, the Cru National Director who partners with GAiN. He first saw Paul making his way as best he could.

Paul was paralyzed from the waist down. He couldn’t walk, ride a bicycle, or drive a car; so he was forced to crawl. But it’s dangerous to crawl on the roadside, and it’s dehumanizing.

John stopped his car and asked if he could take Paul home. Driving him to his 8′ X 8′ cinder-block house, John was impressed by Paul’s skill as a rug maker. It seemed Paul turned rags into brightly colored rugs and sold them to support himself.

Thanks to friends like you, John was able to give Paul a hand-cranked, three-wheeled Personal Energy Transportation (PET®) cart. It now gives Paul mobility, plus a place for him to carry supplies and finished rugs for delivery.

Without a family of his own, Paul used to feel very alone. Now, wheeling around on his PET® cart, he has become a sort of “pied piper” for local children. They follow Paul around and help him with his rug-making business. He loves them, and they love him.

And now, both Paul and the children are learning about the love of Christ. Victor, from the Cru office, speaks Paul’s dialect and meets with him and his young “fan club” for regular Bible study.

Paul is just one of many whose lives are being transformed as you give to GAiN. Much more is needed, though. More than 1.1 million Zambians have a family member who suffers from a disability. Due to African Traditional Religion, many people including Christians believe that these people are cursed. They are often shunned and mistreated.

Through your support, you help GAiN’s International Health Program equip healthcare workers, clinics, and hospitals with medical care and equipment, medical supplies (like gloves, syringes, and bandages), and medicines, plus disease-preventing vitamins and hygiene kits. And as you help people like Paul overcome their health crisis, you also share the gospel. Your action speaks!

Yes, thanks to friends like you, Paul has gone from crawling to pedaling along the streets of Zambia. He may never walk in this life, but thanks to someone like you putting legs on love, Paul and many like him will run along the streets of heaven.

You can help more people like Paul by joining GAiN on a trip to Zambia. Click here to find out more.

If you’d like to support their medical work, click here.


  • DB says:

    This is such an encouragement to the group of retirees who make and prepare PETS for shipping here in our small community in Florida. Many of us are over 75.

  • Greg Zerger says:

    My mother is an 87 year old Christian woman who volunteers painting the PETs in Moundridge Ks . She was even given an award for the # of PETs she has painted! Much credit has to be given to the other volunteers that work along side my mother making and shipping these wonderful mobility devices to allow people to change theirs lives and know Christ at the same time. Thanks for the story!!

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