Philippine window for ministry closing soon

By October 21, 2008

Philippines (MNN) — The
Philippine Supreme Court rejected a Muslim autonomy deal that has left the
islands in turmoil. With the
encroachment of Islam, the hope of Christ requires a swift response. 

Ire over the court decision has
led militant Islamists in Mindanao to step  up their attacks on majority-Christian

At times of increasing
persecution, people don't usually think about increasing evangelism in direct
proportion.  However, that is the church's
response. With the risks increasing, indigenous
believers are "seeding" the beds, and groups like Christian Resources
are providing the food. They've been partnering with believers in the Philippines for some time

Despite a faltering U.S. economy,
CRI's Fred Palmerton says a funding shortage didn't hold them back from
resourcing a pastor's conference in the Philippines. "We've already got the materials that
we're going to need for that project over there waiting, so we're so blessed
by that and excited. They're in good
hands and just waiting for the arrival of our team." 

Because people are open to the
Gospel, even in Muslim areas, the books they've sent will be well-used. "There were 44,000 pounds of material, which represents at least 20,000
books. A third of those or more are Bibles. They're just so excited to get the shipment, and they're right now unloading, sorting, categorizing and getting them on
library shelves."

CRI team member John Lowrey is
working with the ministry team at several church leadership conferences being
held in Manilla, IloIlo, and Penai Island.
A special outreach is planned at the Manilla city dump at the end of the

Pray that the resources will
reach those who need the tools the most. Click here if you can help.


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