Philippines recovery from 2013 typhoon continues

By November 10, 2015
Courtesy Photo from FFH Via Facebook

(Photo courtesy FH via Facebook)

Philippines (MNN) — Does anyone care about a disaster that happened two years ago? Maybe if we lived through it, we would.

It’s been two years since Typhoon Haiyan devastated Samar Island in the Philippines. While aid was quick to arrive in the beginning, it quickly ran dry.

But, Food for the Hungry
FH has been working in the Philippines to help rebuild the communities of Basey and Marabut. The ministry has provided shelter and food for survivors and implemented programs to protect children.

FH also began training over 100 area church leaders for future disasters. They taught the leaders first aid, how to prepare “to go” bags for emergencies, and how to pick evacuation sites depending on the disaster.

But, FH is concerned about more than just the physical and practical needs of these

Courtesy Photo from FFH Via Facebook

(Photo courtesy FH via Facebook)

Through their “Build Back Better” program, FH has been pushing churches beyond disaster recovery to active involvement in reshaping their communities.

For example, church leaders and members are helping kids with homework and doing neighborhood cleanup drives.

One pastor even felt the urge to replace a neighbor’s roof, which was made out of flour sacks. To do so, he used some of the church’s extra weather-resistant galvanized metal roofing sheets.

A couple of weeks later, the family came to a service at his church to thank God and the pastor for the roof.

Now, the goal is for these communities to be rebuilt stronger than they were before the disaster struck.

Please continue to pray for these recovering communities and the success of the Gospel.

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