Philippines seeks $1 billion for reconstruction

By October 15, 2009

Philippines (MNN) — Damages from the Philippines' brush with
devastating back-to-back storms are coming in at roughly one billion dollars. On Wednesday, the government said the death
toll rose to 712.

The worst of the flooding struck the rice-growing northern Philippines and
destroyed more than $258 million in crops in Luzon alone. Then, more heavy rains triggered landslides
and inundated towns.

Few areas where the storms hit are unscathed, which includes the
ministry of I.N. Network. Rody Rodeheaver
says, "Our headquarters was under water. A number of our staff people's
homes were destroyed, and our children who are under sponsorship–probably over
500 of them–have been seriously affected." 

Many families are living in evacuation centers. "What we're simply trying to do is
provide food supplies, blankets and sleeping mats, and then we're also trying to
assess the damage," Rodeheaver
notes. Sanitation is another big issue they're
working to address.

Of his
on-site reaction, I.N. Network Philippines Executive Director Nestor Flores wrote:

"We visited the areas affected by flash floods, but words are not
enough to describe the awful conditions they are in. Pictures may not mean
anything as we look at them, but the smell, the tears, the mourning, and the
embrace of mothers and fathers who are searching for answers — these portray
the real condition of our country. I broke into tears when I saw our people in conditions
so desperate that they don't even know where to start."

Network Philippines is accredited with the Department of Social Welfare and
Development, and other NGOs are looking to them to lead this relief effort.

However, their relief strategy is
made stronger by the hope of Christ.
"These people are traumatized by the awfulness of floodwaters
coming in. So the love of Christ is very important there as we
provide them the necessities of food, clean water and warm blankets."

Click here if you can can help the I.N. Network team rebuild their ministry in the

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