Photography Club offers solace, worth in Lebanon

By December 13, 2011

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanon stability could change at the drop of unstable Syria's hat. If Syria's President Assad falls, Hezbollah has threatened to take full control of Lebanon. Its proximity to other nations in tumultuous states doesn't help the situation.

Kids Alive International has a boys' residential home in Beirut, Dar El Alwad. The boys are all safe there, but fear can sometimes get the better of them.

"There is worry amongst them," says Kids Alive's Mat Gregory. "Sometimes the resident boys will ask me, ‘Is there war coming?'"

Some of the boys have found solace–not to mention worth and talent–in a unique arena: photography.

Kids Alive developed a Photography Club at the Beirut-based home to give the children an outlet for creative expression. The kids come from difficult backgrounds, and healing may even be found as they express themselves through photography.

As the boys take pictures of life in Lebanon through their eyes, they are given a voice–just one more way of showing them how much Christ loves them and cares what they have to say.

To even further reinforce their talents, Kids Alive created a photo exhibition. "A selection of those pictures were put together to make postcards and greeting cards. We also developed a calendar," says Gregory.

Valuing the boys' work in this way has meant a great deal to these young photographers. "These children don't have many opportunities outside of our campus here to express themselves. They're often overlooked by the society as a whole," explains Gregory. "To have their work put in print really boosted their self-esteem and gave them a sense of pride and a sense of accomplishment as well."

You can help acknowledge these talented boys and show them their value by purchasing cards, prints, and calendars yourself. Click here to get calendars of some of the best photos.

Browse the pictures these Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese boys have taken at their Web site when you click here.


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