PIONEERS cooking up new ministry

By August 8, 2012

Asia (PNS/MNN) — As the global market expands, so too do
the problems that come about as development steamrolls over young women.

For many, the way to escape poverty is to be part of the
sexual and labor exploitation. Some join
voluntarily; others are tricked into it. And still others are sold into being

Ministries like PIONEERS are working to provide another
avenue for these women. Beyond Brothels
started when Amanda, a PIONEER in Asia, felt called to serve the many women
trapped in the sex trade.

Beyond Brothels offers these women an alternative: to make
and sell jewelry for a living while being ministered to in Christian love. That's one avenue of vocation.

However, PIONEERS wanted to offer more. Not everyone is interested or good at making
jewelry. The ministry is now looking at

A team that has started a bakery is reaching out to
trafficked women, offering them an alternative vocation and teaching them to
bake. They're looking for women who
want to help teach the chemistry of the kitchen, shoulder-to-shoulder with
women who have decided to leave the sex industry.   

Baking provides an opportunity to make these women feel
special. It's a fantastic way to bond
with these women and provide the opportunity to work together
towards a common goal. It opens up avenues for communication through discussion,
questions and answers, and opportunities to talk about the Gospel. Aside from learning a valuable skill, the
women also find spiritual mentoring and friendship.

The local team is running three cafes and is looking for
those who have the flexibility to assist where needed with a desire and burden
to reach out to women in the red light district.

In other words, this project is aimed at educating women–empowering
them with the knowledge needed to support them and improve their quality of

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