Pioneers to help Tibetan families in exile

By March 3, 2011

Tibet (MNN) — Today, over 140,000 Tibetans live in exile in South Asia, having fled from their homeland after it became a part of China.

Pioneers mobilizes teams to glorify God among unreached peoples by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches.

The Trel'wa Project is just one example of that. It's a groundbreaking effort to reach these exiled Tibetans for Christ, so that they may then share the Good News with their brothers and sisters around the world. 95 percent of the 7 million Tibetans around the world remain unreached.

Tibetans value the family. Trel'wa means "relate" in Tibetan. Print, web, audio, and visual media will be used to address issues in Tibetan family life. Through this media campaign, whole communities and families — mothers, fathers, grandparents and children — will be invited to discuss biblically-based principles for family life. Those who want to know more will be connected with local Pioneers workers (including Tibetan nationals), who will guide them to the Gospel.

One-time gifts are needed to help launch the Trel'wa media campaign. Pioneers is also asking you to pray for the project. As you pray, would you please consider partnering with them financially?

The Lord has already provided $9,500 toward this project, so only $36,350 still needs to be raised. Every gift of $26 will help reach Pioneers reach approximately 100 Tibetans. Specific areas of need include: $9,000 for shared office space lease, $7,000 for script writing, and $1,200 for topic-specific material.

If you'd like to help Pioneers in this profound ministry, click here.

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