Pipeline stays open for Haitian adoptions already in process

By January 20, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — The day greets
Haiti with humanitarian chaos. 

Amidst the uncertainties, another
concern arises. In the wake of the quake and the collapse of a functioning
government, what is happening to the adoptive process? Records are buried under mounds of rubble. It could be months before paperwork can be
found and get the process moving forward again.

prospective parents who were in the process of adopting orphaned children prior to the earthquake
now are frantically trying to protect these future members of their family. 

Rather than the children being left in limbo, Marc Andreas with
Bethany Christian Services says, "The U.S. Government and the
Secretary of Homeland Security have issued clearance for all of these children
to come to the United States on humanitarian parole."

Who is eligible? According
to the State Department, "children who
have been legally confirmed as orphans eligible for inter-country adoption by
the Government of Haiti and are being adopted by U.S. citizens." Or, "children
who have been previously identified by an adoption service provider or
facilitator as eligible for inter-country adoption and have been matched to U.S.
citizen prospective adoptive parents."

Andreas explains, "That means
the U.S. government and military will work together to bring those children out
of Haiti safely and bring them to the United States where they can meet with
their adoptive families."

The State Department estimates
there are at least 300 Haitian cases involving U.S. citizens at different
stages of progress, Bethany's included. "Fifty-eight children are all being approved under this new special
circumstance where they will all be granted this humanitarian

Bethany partners are assessing
their response to the coming needs, too.
Andreas says, "We, as well as
many other faith-based organizations, are able to show a fantastic witness in
this crisis where we are able to live out the Gospel."

God's Littlest Angels–an orphanage in
Pétion-Ville, along with Bethany's other partner–Creche Enfants Jesus (under the ministry of Chances
for Children) is responding to needs.

On January 25, Chances for Children will fly in 5,000 pounds
of supplies. This food, water, formula, medicine and supplies will last for at
least 4 months.

The next step is to
begin collecting in-kind donations and prepare a container to ship to Haiti
once the ports are open. Click here to help.

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