Pirates cannot steal Hope

By December 2, 2008

Somalia (MNN) — There has recently been an increase of piracy in Somalia, according to Christian broadcasters Words of Hope. Vice President Lee DeYoung says that such reports serve as a reminder of "how difficult that country is."

"There really is not an effectively-functioning central government, and so war lords [and] anarchy seem to prevail in Somalia," says DeYoung.

Though the Somali government does little to help the situation, U.S. and British authorities stand by as well. DeYoung says that under American law, the U.S. cannot intervene unless one of the few commercial American ships in the area is attacked. The British are holding out for similar reasons.

While uncouth piracy remains a problem for Somalia, Somali pirates have begun to harass Kenyans as well. The Kenyan government is hesitant to stop ill behavior because their weaponry is likely not fit to master that of the pirates, says DeYoung. Because the piracy is not being stopped by any of the surrounding governments, there is little incentive for those involved to end their pursuits.

DeYoung explains that the implications for Somalia, and in turn Kenya, are not good. "The lawlessness in this one country tends to spill over into a neighboring country, and it, in effect, becomes somewhat less inhabitable. It becomes a kind of no-man's land. So Gospel broadcasts to a place where there is such obvious spiritual darkness and where anarchy is a manifestation of that are important."

Words of Hope is thus working hard to continue their ministry despite piracy threats to the country. "Gospel broadcasts are especially important as it's one of the only ways that people inside that country have any basis for hope or a different view of life," says DeYoung. These broadcasts provide reassurance to Christians who may otherwise be overwhelmed by surrounding chaos.

DeYoung asks that you "pray for those who are responding to the broadcasts, at least in the privacy of their own hearts." Pray also for their guidance and protection, and that Words of Hope would not be inhibited in their work for any reason.

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