Planting seeds of the Gospel in Kenya

By August 6, 2015
(Photo courtesy Christian Resources International)

(Photo courtesy Christian Resources International)

Kenya (MNN) — The history of Kenya is marked by pain, but with the help of Christian Resources International (CRI), it’s future could be brighter than ever.

The country has struggled with violence after elections, the spread of Islam coming from the north, and the harsh reality that 56% of Kenyans live in slums according to the United Nations.

When there’s that much conflict, it doesn’t seem like there’s enough room for the Gospel to fit in. But it’s because of these problems that the Truth needs to fit; and what better way to help the Word grow in a troubled country than by planting seeds of the Bible?

This week, CRI is sending half a million dollars worth of Bibles and Christian books to Kenya.

With help from donations, CRI is able to buy 20-foot “steel mobile homes” or sea containers that are reversible. They can be used as houses, classrooms, containers for shipping books and Bibles, or distribution facilities.

When these containers are used as distribution centers, they’re a lot like a bookstore. Customers come in and find books that they want or need. Then, “When you check out, your bill is paid because the wonderful people that are listening [to MNN] help us to do what we’re doing around the world,” says executive director of CRI, Jason Woolford.

CRI sends about $6,000,000 worth of Bibles and Christian reading materials around the world annually. Their goal for the Kenya project is to send $1,000,000 worth of books and Bibles. Right now, they’re sending about half a million dollars worth.

“When we send a sea container, each one of those has the ability to reach about a half a million people, and that is an investment of about $12,000,” says Woolford.

This week’s distribution is proving to be even more exciting. Recent graduate, Joseph, will be heading back to his home region in Kenya to oversee the distribution. From there, he will minister to and train other pastors monthly.

This will be one of the first times CRI will be doing something other than sending the Word of God or a container.

“While training them, he’ll also give them the resources they need absolutely for free,” Wolford says.

As the distribution takes place, CRI asks for your prayer and also for your financial support.

“I want to encourage those that are listening: …when you become a book missionary, when you help us share, send, and sew the Word of God, …[it] does not return void in the lives of people,” Woolford says.

“A majority of the people who helped this ministry are those that give smaller gifts that are ongoing monthly, coming alongside of us to continue to help us to send the Word of God.”

CRI receives Christian books and materials from people like you. Because of donations, each book evens out to be about 30 cents. Help out today!


  • Ronald Kogo says:

    This great news. am also involved in children ministry in and we have been gathering bibles for these kids. I wonder whether we can be helped.

    My name is Ronald Kogo, pastor of Grace Baptist Church-Kabiria.

    Phone: +254723570222

  • Mary says:

    How do I get involved with book missionary?
    Thank you

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