Christians in Belarus press on despite growing political unrest

By August 13, 2020

Belarus (MNN) — Police in Belarus opened live fire on protestors Tuesday night when they gathered to denounce what they felt was an unfair election process.

Alexander Lukashenko, dictator of Belarus for the last 26 years, won reelection, garnering 80% of the vote. The opposing candidate was credited with only 10% of the vote and was detained after contesting the results. She has fled to Lithuania.

The EU is considering sanctions after calling the election process “Neither free nor fair.”

Christians in Belarus

SGA works with churches in Belarus, equipping them to proclaim Christ as king. (Photo courtesy of SGA on Facebook)

Eric Mock of Slavic Gospel Association says Christians in Belarus remain committed to advancing the Gospel just as they did under years of communism. “Belarus has suffered from economic poverty; its economy is not strong. They are basically still a dictatorship. Lukashenko is the president of the country [and] he has been in charge for many years now. But the people of Belarus are these wonderful, faithful people. We have seen them rise up and plant churches in the middle of the most difficult times, not only the radiation from Chernobyl but in poverty and a very poor health care system.”

Mock says Christians have continued to remain focused on the Gospel and will continue to do so despite whatever happens politically in the country. “As governments rise and fall and as we run into issues where there is social conflict and unrest, our mandate to proclaim the gospel remains unchanged.”

You can get involved with this work. Mock says, “We serve the church that God has raised up as the people in Belarus are in the midst of these rapidly changing times.” You can support SGA as they train new leaders for the Church in Belarus, as well as help the churches provide relief from COVID-19. Learn more here.



The header image is a representative picture showing police in riot gear. (Image by metaliza01 from Pixabay)

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