Political reform sweeps Tunisia

By June 7, 2022

Tunisia (MNN) — Political reform sweeps Tunisia. Last month, President Kais Saied organized a committee to rewrite Tunisia’s constitution. They’re to complete a draft by June 30.

Tunisia’s people will vote “yes” or “no” to approve the draft on July 25, and elections will be held in December. MENA Leadership Center’s Fadi Shariha says it’s all part of the plan to change the status quo and remove corruption from Tunisia’s government.

“I think that [Saied] did a beautiful job of shutting down the Islamic fanatic movements in Tunisia; he stopped them and dealt with those fanatic Islamic parties in a good, wise way,” Shariha says.

Tunisia’s judges will suspend work in courts this week and hold a sit-in to protest Saied’s purge of their ranks. Last week, Tunisia’s President dismissed 57 judges on accusations of corruption and protecting terrorists, a move the United States criticized.

Equipping believers for Gospel work

Tunisia is one of only a few places in the Middle East/North Africa region where Christians find a small measure of safety. Even though Tunisia is a Muslim-majority country, “they use the civil law, which is amazing; they don’t go through Islamic or Sharia law,” Shariha says.

“This is a beautiful country for our brothers and sisters coming from a Muslim background. In terms of religious freedom, Tunisia is one of the best countries in North Africa.”

Tunisian Christians turn to MENA Leadership Center for training and a support network. More about MENA Leadership Center here.

“We see leaders coming from different generations, and we have succession planning for those leaders,” Shariha says.

“We just love having them on board; [Tunisian Christians] provide a great perspective to ministry and a good perspective on how to handle life.”



Header image is a representative stock photo courtesy of Karim Ben Van/Unsplash.