Political unrest in Bangladesh puts Christians at risk.

By January 23, 2007

Bangladesh (MNN)–Bangladesh’s interim president has declared a state of emergency over political unrest and Monday’s cancelled elections. The main opposition Awami League and allies threatened boycott of the process because they accuse the outgoing Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) of trying to rig the polls.

That could force the country into political limbo for 2007. At present, to restore order, the president’s decision establishes martial law in the country. According to Gospel for Asia, that makes the minority Christians vulnerable to harassment.

GFA President K.P. Yohannan says, “These are very dangerous times in Bangladesh, when anyone can be arrested without question.” But, so far, their contact says there has been no immediate threat to their ministry.

But that could change in a heartbeat. Anti-Christian groups are stirring up opposition against Christianity, often synonymous with the Western nations. Says Yohannan, “The kind of martial law that has been declared for Bangladesh can be used by anti-Christian extremist groups to falsely accuse Christians and Christian groups.”

GFA leaders urge prayer as nearly all forms of communication are monitored. The team currently broadcasts the Gospel in three languages in Bangladesh and has 86 missionaries and two Bible colleges. Please pray fo the team as they minister under these conditions.

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