Poor children to find ‘Hope’ this summer

By May 12, 2011

Former Soviet Union (MNN) — What reason is there for a child to hope when she's homeless, orphaned, war-torn, and neglected? The easy answer is Jesus Christ. But how will this child hear about Him? How will she know this hope if no one tells her?

Russian Ministries has been sharing the hope of Christ in their School Without Walls program and throughout their "Summer of Hope." In this program, Russian Ministries takes poor children from their often tattered lives for one week of respite and joy that could pave the way for a lifetime of hope.

Summer camps provide children with an opportunity to eat, play games, engage in fellowship with other children, and receive well-needed care from loving counselors. At Russian Ministries' camps, children from 10 different countries also have the opportunity to learn about and trust Jesus Christ.

Russian Ministries gathers Christian leaders from across the Former Soviet Union to be camp counselors for the week-long camp sessions. "They have an opportunity to spend time with those needy children and show them the model of spiritual life," explains Sergey Rakhuba, president of the ministry. "But also, they share [with] them the story of grace, the story of Jesus. That's why we call the summer ‘The Summer of Hope,' because we plan that at least 5,000 children will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel."

5,000 children could hear about the hope that they have despite their circumstances for the very first time. In the past, many lives have changed. Rakhuba says children from war-ravaged Chechnya who have seen blood, loss, devastation and terrorism have attended the summer camps and left so full of joy and excitement that it's difficult for them to go.

One girl, Inna, lost her father when he passed away; she also lost her mother when she abandoned Inna and her siblings. When the girl was able to attend a Russian Ministries evangelism summer camp, she noted, "For the first time, I began to feel peaceful and calm." She went on to testify, "There is joy in my heart in spite of everything that has happened in my life. I feel God's love for me. I hope to attend many more camps like this one."

Each child at these summer camps has a potentially life-changing experience. He or she is also given a Bible. "That could be the beginning of a new life–not just for the child, but for the family, for their future," remarks Rakhuba.

Russian Ministries is equipped and ready for camp this summer, but in order to get 5,000 kids at the various camps, sponsors are needed. Just $50 is enough to pay for a child's food, accommodations and free Bible during the week-long camp.

Russian Ministries invites you to join this "Partnership of Hope" by sending a child to camp this summer. If you can help, click here.

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