Poor Paraguayans respond to film about Christ

By November 10, 2011

Paraguay (MNN) — A JESUS Film Project partner team prepared to show "Magdalena: Released From Shame" in an extremely poor area of a city in Paraguay.

One team member reported, "As darkness fell that evening, we had equipment failures with the computer used by the local team." People continued to pour into the viewing area and seats were filling up. It was a good problem to have, but with technological failures abounding, the crowd became restless.

Finally, a pastor pulled the film team aside and prayed with them for God to intervene.

Directly afterward, the team set up their own equipment–which worked, and the people were able to watch the movie. Then the pastor began preaching in both Guarani–the official language of Paraguay–and Spanish. Many people responded that night to follow Christ as their Savior.

"Magdalena" has premiered in 90 different countries. The film is the life of Christ told from the perspective of a woman. Mary Magdalene narrates the film, describing Jesus' interactions with women and letting them know how they can receive Him as their Lord and Savior.

To learn more about "Magdalena" and the impact it's making, visit jesusfilm.org today.


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