Poverty Unlocked: Your guide to the Bible’s teaching on poverty

By April 29, 2013

International (MNN) — What causes poverty? Food for the Hungry (FH) believes that it is caused by broken relationships. Their goal, therefore, is to walk with communities to end poverty.

FH uses a biblical response to poverty and has resources for you and your church.

The curriculum, Poverty Unlocked, is a four-week series that introduces Christians to the Bible's teaching on poverty. Poverty Unlocked provides activities, Bible studies, and stories to deepen the group's understanding of poverty and to offer ways to help. It is created in such a way that congregations, Sunday School classes, Bible study groups, and student ministries can all use it.

Each of the four weeks focus on a different aspect of God's works among the vulnerable. Week One: "From Paradise to Poverty: How God's World Got this Way." Week Two: "Roots of Poverty." Week Three: "Sustainability: Change that Lasts." And the fourth week: "Walking Like Jesus."

Poverty Unlocked was originally written for one local church, but God had other plans. Other churches began to ask to use the curriculum, so FH placed it online as a free download.

Today hundreds of churches have used Poverty Unlocked, with many thousands of people discovering the message. Pray that the curriculum will continue to make an impact on people. Ask God to give the leaders guidance as they teach the information. Pray that Poverty Unlocked will open many eyes to the poverty around the world.

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  • Victor Lesar says:


    My wife and I are planning to teach the HOLY BIBLE to the poorest of the poor and perhaps cloth them to out there not just sit in a Church Building.

    Please is there any donations to help us for these poor people.


    Victor and Marianne Lesar

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