Power cuts begin Monday in Lebanon

By May 14, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — Hezbollah is on high alert this week, watching the situation in the Gaza Strip closely. More about that here. Nuna with Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says the tension adds to despair created by ongoing political, economic, and financial crises.

“The government is not forming; there’s a deadlock there. The ratio of the dollar to the Lebanese pound is completely crazy. We have lost 90-percent of the value of our currency,” Nuna says.

“Wherever you look, it’s just – it’s just difficult.”

Last week, Lebanon’s caretaker government warned of increasing power outages starting Monday. There’s not enough money in federal reserves to keep the lights on. “We don’t know if this is only pressure, like economic, political pressure, or if it’s going to happen,” Nuna says.

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“During the war 30 years ago, we lived in a time when there was no electricity, but this was [before the] internet. Many people work online now; everything is online. Having no electricity and not being connected, I think, would be devastating.”

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How to help Lebanon

Electricity isn’t the only essential commodity at risk. Food is becoming unattainable, too. “This week, [the government is] removing the subsidies for chicken. Chicken prices are soaring really, really high, and there is no good meat in the market,” Nuna explains.

“Everything is so much more expensive, and you cannot import things because the government is [stopping] the banks [from making] a transfer to buy the things that you want to import.”

The good news? Lebanon’s financial crisis means every gift to Gospel work goes farther than ever.

“The country is living out of donations that are coming through NGOs. The only sector that’s working is the humanitarian sector,” Nuna says.

Send help and hope in the name of Jesus through TM Lebanon.

“When people reach the bottom, there’s only one way to look, and it’s up. Either they hate God and blame God for everything that’s happening, or they turn to God and look for an anchor to hold onto. So, pray people’s eyes will be opened,” Nuna requests.

“Pray that, in the midst of this crisis, people will look up to where their salvation comes from.”



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